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One-on-One Coaching is the Key to Improving Individual Performance! | taught by Bill McCormick

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Why should you utilize a sales coach? Research demonstrates that when it comes to sales professionals, nothing influences the bottom line results more than a solid coaching program. Because sales professionals naturally are confident, competitive and self-motivated, they tend to be more invested and engaged in the process of self-improvement. STAR's coaching process provides a two-way conversation and other resources that will help you assess strengths, identify weaknesses, practice new skills, and meet your sales goals.

How can coaching on essential selling skills help you? The best sales professionals excel at three things: 1) Planning for a sales call, 2) Using a Sales Call Process as a roadmap during a sales call, and 3) Following up after a sales call. This coaching package will provide you with skills and techniques to do all three of these things well. We emphasize the importance of questioning skills, which is one of the most essential selling skills. Improve your skills and ability to sell to new and existing accounts with this Selling Essentials Coaching Package.

This Selling Essentials Coaching Package includes:

1. Free 10-15 minute Introductory Phone Call: This free call will help you determine if the Selling Essentials Coaching Package is right for you. Your consultant will use this call to design a coaching package based on your essential selling skills experience level and needs. During the introductory call you will also discuss your next steps in the process, including the scheduling of your 1 hour phone coaching conversation at a mutually agreeable date. Email or call 781-934-0900 to schedule your free introductory phone call.

2. One Hour of Phone Coaching with your expert sales coaching consultant who is an expert in essential selling skills. In order to achieve maximum use of the hour of coaching time, you will need to complete several prework assignments in advance of the coaching conversation, including an online selling skills survey, an essential selling skills reading, and two online essential selling skills learning modules (see the details below). You may choose to schedule additional coaching sessions, as needed.

3. Online Selling Skills Inventory Survey - Personal assessment is an integral part of learning. Take this online survey and receive a personal report prior to the coaching conversation. The Selling Skills Inventory Report will help you: a) assess your ability to perform the stages and critical tasks for sales meetings and conversations with customers, and b) identify your preferred selling style and build your flexibility to use alternative styles with different people. A full report is compiled and emailed to you to print prior to your coaching session.

4. Reading: Essential Selling Skills - What You Should Do Before, During and After a Sales Call. This article highlights three things. First, what you should do during the planning process, notably setting clear sales goals and objectives. Second, it highlights a sales call process to follow during the sales call, with emphasis on the importance of questioning skills. Finally, it provides practical suggestions on how and when to follow up so that you can win more sales opportunities. We will discuss the reading during our coaching conversation.

5. Online Learning - Personal assessment is an integral part of learning. During the introductory phone call we will determine together which STAR online learning products are best suited to your needs.

All STAR coaching packages may be customized. For example, our coaching customers often choose to buy our two and three session coaching packages. Contact us at or 781-934-0900 to inquire about changing this package to suit your needs.

Bill McCormick
Bill McCormick
President, Sales Training And Results, Inc.

Bill McCormick is the founder and president of Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR), a firm specializing in customized sales training and consulting. Bill has over 20 years of experience consulting managers and coaching sales executives and professionals. He is the primary author and developer of STAR's customized sales and management workshops.

Prior to founding STAR, he was Vice President of Marketing for an international consulting and training company. Bill was responsible for managing their entire sales and marketing effort, including an international network of licensees, and doubled their sales volume in four years. Prior to that, Bill held positions in sales, sales management, and marketing for a Fortune 25 firm.

Bill earned his M.S. degree in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also is on the Corporate Education Group (Boston University) faculty.

Bill McCormick

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